Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Root Canal 1, Me 0

Recovering from an infection brought about by a root canal. I have had two done before on upper teeth and never had a problem. Third time's the charm! Lower root canal was cleared out and the endodontist put some stuff in there to kill off the rest of the roots but the roots had other ideas. Two days later my jaw was swollen up and I was in supreme pain land. Went back and had it prodded and drained (immediate relief) and got a scrip for antibiotics and vicodin.

Took about 3 days for it to really start clearing up and after 5 days I was able to eat food that wasn't in liquid or boiled pasta form. Lost 5 pounds during this time but I don't recommend this method for weight loss. One more day of antibiotics and I'm done with that until next month when I have the follow up/finisher appointment, not sure if he'll put me back on antibiotics as a precaution.

The drag with the antibiotics is having to get my butt up at midnight to take a dose, have to do them every 6 hours. So I am looking forward to Thursday night and hopefully a full night of sleep. Which of course means my neighbors will take that as their cue to throw a mega-bass-rave party.


  1. Thanks man! I missed food that didn't require a blender to make.