Friday, August 28, 2009

No soliciting includes Jesus

Nothing like having a pair of LDS whiteshirts show up at your door to make the blood boil. If the policy of the apartment complex is NO SOLICITING, guess what? Your push of religion is soliciting.

Answered the door and a couple mormons are there and the tall guy (taller than me, that's different, I'm 6'5") says "Can I sing you a song about Jesus?" and I say "No, not interested"


"Because I'm an apostate"


"An atheist"

And on it goes until he says "I'm sorry for you"

That. Pushed. My. Button.

Sorry for me? Because you're running around with your Santa Jesus? Your imaginary friend? Give me a break. I don't go door to door pushing Christopher Hitchens or Stephen Hawking or Darwin on people, why can't you leave me be? Oh, some book says "Go forth and spread my gospel" Well guess what? Not everyone wants to be 'Saved' or an LDSer. Some of us lost Jesus years ago and are quite happy in the here and now. Live in the present to make for a better future.

Be good, do good, help others. That's what I try to live by. Pretty straight to the point.

What? A godless heathen with MORALS???