Saturday, February 13, 2010


Still going strong here, I am now in Washington DC for work, I'll be here until at least April. Benefit of that? Getting to be part of DC's snowiest winter EVAH! I worked 1 day in the last 8, half day last Friday, half day this Friday. In between was over 30" of snow between two storms. Ca-Ray-Zee!
This is in my neighborhood by Capitol Hill after the first storm, it put about 24" of snow. Then that second storm punched in to dump almost a foot more. The two storms were different types of snow - the first was wet and heavy, the second was drier and drifted all over and created true blizzard conditions with 40mph gusts of wind. I was happy that I'm in an apartment and not a hotel during this, I did get a little cabin fever but nothing like if I'd been in a cookie cutter room of a hotel.

The town is digging out now but the piles will be around for weeks unless there is a real warm up. They've run out of places to store the snow so huge piles are building up on corners and in vacant lots. Officially DC has had 60" or so this winter, but that's at National airport where it gets less snow than other areas, so some parts had much more snow. Fortunately no roof collapses in my neighborhood but there are impressive icicles.

So what am I doing out here anyway? It's a temporary detail as a project manager for the headquarters IT support desk, I'm the liaison between the contract support and the regular staff, basically the point of contact for special requests or when something doesn't go right (or does go right, occasionally). It's an interesting break from my regular work and lets me see a bit of the DC life.

I haven't had much time to enjoy DC that much yet though, by the time I get home from work I am pretty wiped and most museums are closed, and the weekends have been busy as well - went to Florida one weekend to visit my mom, out to Delaware with an old friend from the Coast Guard (and got a snow storm then) and then these storms. I will be pushing to go out today and see some sights. Speaking of which, I should finish my coffee and see what I can go do today.

P.S. - The last two episodes of Leverage are airing, the first has already and the second part is on Wednesday. Look for the tall dockworker, that will likely be me in the background!