Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rocking through summer!

Can't believe that August is almost halfway done! And it really has been pleasant in PDX this year, only a couple 90+ days. In fact we haven't used the AC at all the last few days, normally at least have to run it a few hours in the bedroom to cool/dehumidify it but it's been dropping in the 40s at night. This weekend that'll change with some upper 90 weather but we're on the back side of mean heating days. Not mean as in junkyard dog, mean as in average. August 10th is normally the hottest day of the year, topped out mid-70s yesterday. That is one reason I love, love, love living in the Pacific Northwest!

I am still making Robot-A-Day, over two months in to the project and I still have a lot of ideas, just need the time to do some more intricate ones. Even managed to keep doing one a day while I went to Florida to visit my mom although that meant more drawing than building. But the spirit of it was to stay creative however I needed to.

I need to pull out some more linked 'stuff' for here as I find it, just to keep it interesting for my 3 readers.

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