Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lazy blogger is lazy!

Cripes, not only has social media destroyed my old standby Livejournal it's also destroyed my blogging at all.

The rest of my time in DC was great, loved being able to see the museums and crazy protesters as well as catch up with some good friends. In fact it led to a reunion of some of my shipmates from the Coast Guard out here in Oregon after not seeing most of these guys for 15-16 years.

So I am back in Oregon, while it was an interesting experience I did miss not having my partner around even though she did get a weekend to come out and visit me. And the cat disapproved of my absence.

I have a new domain that I need to get set up It will mostly have my art projects on it, may either embed my blog here or from my Livejournal.

Facebook is nearing extinction in my eyes, I know that if I was concerned about 100% privacy I should kill my account. Sad thing is it wasn't like that when I signed up there in 2006, privacy was pretty strong but membership was super low. As time has gone on things continue to be tweaked for the worse.

Maybe I should have titled this 'manic blogger is manic'. I'm all over the map, but that's what a lack of caffeine in my bloodstream does.

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